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Lok Sabha TV Live StreamHere you can watch live Lok Sabha TV Live Stream. In 1989 Indian government introduce a cable television network with name Doordarshan which is presently known as Lok Sabha TV. It gives exclusive coverage to government proceedings and public affair programming. The channel assures the access to all work of legislative and parliamentary bodies of India. As the name of channel indicates it broadcast live and recorded coverage of lower house of Parliament (Lok Sabha). It is 24 hours TV channel produced transmission in both English and Hindi. Along with live proceedings of Lok Sabha, shows the educational and cultural programs and panel discussions.  Lok Sabha television on airs the Oath taking ceremony of India president, addresses by foreign dignitaries. When parliament is not in session it on air the general informative programs related to efficient government.

Watch Lok Sabha TV Live Stream From India

Here you can watch Lok Sabha TV channel Live stream that is telecasting from India. Watch latest news programs an shows 24/7 hours for free.

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The president address to Parliament has been telecast in India since 1989 on live TV. In 1994 Questions hours of both houses of parliament were shown on satellite televisions and All India Radio channels on alternate weeks. Then it decided that proceedings in both Houses in a week were broadcast one on Tv and then on the radio. Then Lok Sabha TV was started with name DD Lok Sabha which possessed by Lok Sabha itself. In 2006 it was replaced with Lok Sabha. Formerly this channel was called Doordarshan in 1989 when it broadcast the proceedings from Parliament.


General information

Sr. No Contents Detail
1 Launched Date (Doordarshan) 1989
2 Lok Sabha TV 2004
3 Country India
4 Owner Lok Sabha
5 Headquarter New Delhi
6 Language Hindi &English
7 Sister Channels Rajya Sabha TV
8 Picture Format 4:3 (SDTV)


Satellite Availability
Sr. No Network Channel
1 Tata Sky 598
2 Videocon d2h 329
Cable Availability
3 Asianet digital 520

Lok Sabha TV Live Stream Programming

The entire schedule of Lok Sabha TV programmes is given in the table.

Sr. No Programs Schedule
1 Arth Saar Saturday- Monday
2 World this week Monday & Sunday
3 World Today Tuesday-Saturday
4 Healthy India Sunday- Friday
5 Duniya Iss Hafte Sunday & Monday
6 Indian defence Analysis Sunday, Wednesday & Monday
7 Quest for Wonder Friday, Thursday & Monday
8 Yog se Nirog Monday- Friday
9 Desh Duniya Sunday, Tuesday &Monday
10 Prakash Kirno ke Rahasya Sunday- Wednesday
11 Perspective Live Tuesday-Friday
12 India Speaks Sunday, Wednesday & Monday
13 Prernadai Vyaktitva Sunday – Friday
14 Sanskriti ke Aangan Se Sunday – Thursday
15 Sansad aur Hum Friday &Thursday
16 Insight Live Monday –Thursday
17 Nai Yojna Nayi Udan Sunday, Thursday &Wednesday
18 PSBT Film Sunday- Friday
19 Astitva Sunday, Tuesday
20 Sansad se Samvaad Saturday, Friday & Monday
21 Behas Sansad ki Saturday, Friday &Wednesday
22 Duniya Aaj ki Tuesday-Saturday
23 Sahitya Sansar Sunday,Wednesday &Monday
24 Lok Manch Live Monday-Sunday
25 Vigyaan Ke Aayam Tuesday &Monday
26 Aaj Din Bhar Friday-Wednesday
27 Shunya Se Shikhar Tak Monday
28 Gram Ganrajya Sunday, Wednesday & Tuesday
29 Public Form Live Monday-Sunday
30 Talking Point Tuesday, Sunday, Friday
31 Faisle Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
32 Roving Camera Tuesday –Friday
33 Ithihaas ke Panno Se Friday, Wednesday, Tuesday
34 Rio ka Run Wednesday, Thursday
35 Jan Paksh Wednesday –Friday
36 Dastavej Sunday- Friday
37 NSIC Film Sunday
38 Puttani Party Sunday
39 Public Domain Friday, Thursday
40 Vigyaan ke Aayam Wednesday

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