Hurricane Irma Hit Florida

Hurricane Local Statement

Nowadays the USA is under the natural disasters, and Hurricane Irma is one of them which hit the Bahamas and Northern part of Cuba on Friday night. Now it continues towards the Florida state, and according to officials, it will hit the Florida in next 24 hours. Such destruction is never seen in a generation in the USA history.  Deadly Hurricane Irma is ranked as Category 5 storm. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) already warned that the storm is powerful and became major hurricane which can cause dangerous wind, rainfall impacts and storm surge on some islands. At the start, Irma headed with 110 mph winds. Island of New Providence had been spread severe devastation in the Bahamas, but south part of the state hit badly. It hits the Turks and Caicos Islands and tears the Caribbean Sea, and 23 people have died in the Caribbean. The first victim of Irma Hurricane was two-year-old Carl Junior Francis in Barbuda.

Other islands which Irma has been destroyed are

  • St Barts
  • French St Martin
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Dutch St Marrten
  • Puerto Rico
  • Anguilla

According to an official report

  • Eleven died in St Barts and French St Martin.
  • Two on Dutch St Maarten
  • three on Puerto Rico
  • one in Anguilla
  • four in the US Virgin Islands

Latest Hurricane Warnings

According to US National Hurricane Center, Irma is still a category five storm and moving over Cuba’s Camaguey archipelago. Currently, Irma Hurricane wind speed is 160mph and 275 miles from Miami, 85 miles from northern Cuban city of Caibarién. The places which became the next target of Hurricane Irma are

  • Cuban provinces of Camaguey, Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Avila, Villa Clara, and Matanzas
  • Northwestern and the central Bahamas and Ragged Island
  • Florida Keys
  • Lake Okeechobee
  • Florida Bay
  • Volusia/Brevard county line southward around the Florida peninsula to Anclote River.

Hurricane Irma Florida Recent Updates – Live Streaming

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People of Florida has never experienced such storm which is state expected now. It is assumed that it hit the Florida state late Saturday and it left the Florida helpless for days and devastating the USA. On Friday afternoon deputy director of the hurricane centre Mark DeMaria, the storm shifting slowly to the west and southwest Florida is also under the violent winds, but all of South Florida will have affected significantly. Irma hits the Florida Keys in the Sunday morning and then moved to the south-west coast of Florida by Sunday afternoon. The government warned the Florida people to leave the state. Otherwise, rescue services will reach once Irma stops.

Evacuation is ongoing in Florida, and it is the largest ever in the U.S history.

  • Almost one-third population ordered to leave the state and move to shelter.
  • The outer bands of deadly Hurricane Irma reached USA and rain, and winds speed increased as it moved towards the Florida.
  • Florida would be out of electricity for many days.
  • More than 10,000 people become homeless.
  • It tears the roof, power pools and snaps trees.
  • Airports around the state would cease operations and flights.

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